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Enlightened Christian Gathering Church, led by founder and General Overseer Prophet Shepherd Bushiri (Major One), is a contemporary congregation of Christ. It consists of centered believers celebrating God through the Prophetic, Healing, and Deliverance Ministries. ECG is home to millions across the globe who seek to bask in God’s glory. It is more than a church; it is a family where every race and class is accommodated. Here, God declares each of us as citizens of heaven, lives are transformed, and miracles and testimonies are the order of the day as demons and challenges are confronted and conquered. In our family, we are all equal!

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Our Belief

It is our belief that there is one God who exists eternally in a fellowship of three distinct and equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who is unchangeable in Holiness, Justice, Wisdom, and Love.

Our Mission

With the grace of Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, the uncompromising word of God is reaching today’s World as a solution in our generation. We aim to reach each and every soul through the Prophetic Channel and Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Ministries outreach programs.

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    Our Community Reviews

    James Deo

    I had lost all hope and began to think that no matter how much I prayed, it would never be enough to cleanse me of my sins so I could go to heaven. But then I found ECG Church, where Prophet Shepherd Bushiri helped me become a better Christian. Now, I don't feel so empty anymore.

    Alex Kelvin

    For the first time in many years, I have found peace and comfort in ECG Church. It's wonderful to have a place where the people are so warm and friendly and are genuinely concerned about you.

    John Smith

    I attended my first Sunday here and was amazed by the uniqueness of this church. God used ECG Church to develop a stronger passion for him that I never knew I had before. It really helped me and my family to strengthen our bond with the Almighty. We are truly blessed!

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